Physicist by day, painter by night, and surfer in between.

As a physicist and observer of the universe, the repetition in nature confronts me everywhere. The diffraction patterns of an oil spot in the road may call to mind the grains in wood. The foamy whitewash in the ocean shortly after a wave breaks is reminiscent of the structure of dark matter in the universe. The veins of color in an orchid petal mimic the flow of water through a river delta.

In physics we try to understand new physical phenomena by relating them to things that are already well understood. This is possible because there is repetition in the laws of nature. My favorite example of this is waves. Wave equations are used to describe everything from light propagation, black holes warping space and time, the after-shock ripples of the big bang, the interaction of particles on a quantum mechanical level, or energy traversing across the surface of the ocean. Wave-like behavior comes into play on all levels in physics. This is one reason why I am so captivated by waves, particularly ocean waves: They are both fundamental building blocks and fundamentally beautiful.

As a painter, I try to express the reverberations of physics&math in nature through my art. Each piece may have been inspired by one particular physical occurrence, but it is meant to relate to any number of natural occurrences.

People often ask how can I do something so deeply technical while also retaining the creative side. To this I say that they are not mutually exclusive- physics motivates my art, art encourages my physics, and nature inspires all.

Design and Commissioning Services

I offer art and design services for individuals and businesses. We can work together to integrate custom artwork and ideas into an incorporated interior design theme. Commissioned work pricing depends on the complexity and size of the original artwork. Hourly design consultation can include lighting, wall color selection, kitchen and bathroom concepts, furniture planning and arranging, and window and floor coverings. Please contact me for further information on design and commissioning services.